Current Status

Embark on a self learning and development journey. Currently building a data science platform using open source tool for my own use as some vendor charge USD 175 per month, another USD 1000 – USD 5000.

A Linkedin connection commented: “What problem are you trying to solve?”

Good to keep that in mind when I work on this pet project. Actually it for the fun of doing it though at best I might be trying to reinvent the wheel.

Writing’s on the button: The grammar of interactivity

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A member of Guardian Interactive team propose a practical solution namely “Would you like to? / I would like to” test when it comes to wording buttons in an interactive context.

The words on a button (on an apps or website) must make sense after both the 
  1. interrogative “Would you like to…?” and 
  1. the conditional “I would like to…”
Another perspective is to view interrogative as catering to the website publisher as speaker and the conditional as catering to the web user as speaker
The “Would you like to? / I would like to” test was applied on the world’s popular sites.  According to the author, not a single button on Facebook that didn’t pass.

Resources for Growing Company

Host your own giveaway and sweepstakes to drive leads, promotion for your business with these tools

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Self Publishing
– Amazon
– Blurb
– Createspace
– LuLu
– Git Book

Customer Service Tools
– Gethelpman
– Intercom
– Zendesk

Team Collboration
– Basecamp
– Slack
– Calendly

– Google Analytics
– Heap

– PayPal
– Stripe

– Google Data Studio


Domain Registration
– Namcheap
– BustAName
– Sedo

Open Data
– Google Trend

– Shopify
– SquareSpace
– Wix
– Weebly
– Strikingly
– Tumblr

Stock Photography
– iStockPhoto
– Alamy

Socia Media Management
– Buffer
– Buzzsumo

– Onepagecrm
– Socedo
– WuFoo
– SurveyMonkey
– SendGrid
– MailChimp
– Leadin

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Crowd Financing
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