Writing’s on the button: The grammar of interactivity

Pic Source: https://www.theguardian.com/info/developer-blog/2013/jan/02/interactive-button-text-grammar

A member of Guardian Interactive team propose a practical solution namely “Would you like to? / I would like to” test when it comes to wording buttons in an interactive context.

The words on a button (on an apps or website) must make sense after both the 
  1. interrogative “Would you like to…?” and 
  1. the conditional “I would like to…”
Another perspective is to view interrogative as catering to the website publisher as speaker and the conditional as catering to the web user as speaker
The “Would you like to? / I would like to” test was applied on the world’s popular sites.  According to the author, not a single button on Facebook that didn’t pass.