Tracking Event in Google Analytics

Track important externals links (like downloads, sign-ups, login, etc) through event tracking. An event is a user interaction with a web page element like videos or external links.

Google Analytics can’t track such events by default as they don’t generate page-views when they occur.

You can set up event tracking in GA by calling _trackEvent() method each time the user interaction you want to track occurs.

Use Google Analytics to find out which companies visit your website

To see which companies are visiting your website, you’ll need to go into the Service Providers report under: Audience > Technology > Network



Every visitor to your website has an IP address that is connected with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that connects their network to the larger internet. Many large companies have their own identifiable ‘Company Name’ IP address of their corporate networks.

Part of the Google Analytics process involves an IP lookup that provides your reports with demographic information about each visitor, including the geographic location and name of the ISP. This name information are available in your reports!

By default, the report will include both companies name IP address of their corporate network and ISP. As you can see, it very hard to tell which are companies and which are Internet Service Provider.

To further refine the lists, use the Filter Exclude feature (see image below)

The following Irish ISP list for you to plug into the Exclude Service Provider field.

subscriber block 1|smart telecom customer pool|vodafone gprs infrastructure|upc ie ipv6 transition services|meteor mobile broadband|telefonica o2 ireland|telefonica o2 ireland|o2 ireland mobile phone operator|customers ie|upc communications ireland limited|vodafone isp|eircom limited|eircom

You can see that the list is like this – isp|dsl|broadband|ip|cable|telecom|network

To further drill down, you can also use Include City feature to home in to specific City location.


In addition, you can also set the Secondary dimension as Source/Medium

Armed with these information, you can consider reaching out to your prospect by connecting with them on Twitter or follow key decision makers on Linkedin.

There are business out there that can ferret out these information for you using their technology where they cross reference with other available business information. There a cost to that. It GBP 200 for basic level services as I am aware of. Now you can do it for next to nothing in Google Analytics.

Taking this further, setup a scheduled email report.