How to go about updating and tweaking your website?

I got this question from a client.

This is what I answered.

Starts with user research to find out why some visitors do not take certain actions as we expect them to perform. Perform a series of test such as those below to extract insights.

  • usability tests,
  • user interviews,
  • 5-sec tests,
  • heatmap-analyses,
  • funnel analyses,
  • segmenting,
  • cohort analyses,
  • exit-intent surveys

Based on the gathered insights, come up with hypothesis such as “adding certain descriptive text helps to clarify things on the website for certain group of visitors so they can take actions ”

Test the above example hypotheses quickly and easily using A/B test. This A/B test help us to understand what works best with certain group of visitors by testing different layouts of the website. A/B tools are available without bothering those IT people.

Think of A/B test as a mean to conceptually validating ideas/hypothesis with real people. The above methodology is a test and iterate process.

The above process will not works if people find your products not relevant or useful as the saying goes you are flogging a dead horse.

Resources for Growing Company

Host your own giveaway and sweepstakes to drive leads, promotion for your business with these tools

Amazon Giveaway

Self Publishing
– Amazon
– Blurb
– Createspace
– LuLu
– Git Book

Customer Service Tools
– Gethelpman
– Intercom
– Zendesk

Team Collboration
– Basecamp
– Slack
– Calendly

– Google Analytics
– Heap

– PayPal
– Stripe

– Google Data Studio


Domain Registration
– Namcheap
– BustAName
– Sedo

Open Data
– Google Trend

– Shopify
– SquareSpace
– Wix
– Weebly
– Strikingly
– Tumblr

Stock Photography
– iStockPhoto
– Alamy

Socia Media Management
– Buffer
– Buzzsumo

– Onepagecrm
– Socedo
– WuFoo
– SurveyMonkey
– SendGrid
– MailChimp
– Leadin

Recommend Reading
– Zero to One
– Lean Start-up
– Simplify : How the Best Businesses in the World Succeed
– Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

– Bullet

Crowd Financing
– Seedrs

Get Optimise Tiered Pricing Model

A reason for doing tiered pricing is not to overwhelm the prospect and give me the opportunity to up-sell. It a Foot-in-the-door technique.

Sometimes prospect don’t know what they need. Tiered pricing guides them along and demystifies a complex multi-stage project.

At the same time, it caters to their growing business needs as they might not need an end-to-end service initially.

Measuring in a multi-screen world

People are bringing mobile and tablet into the research and buying cycle. As a business owner, you need to understand what is really leading to the sales and how users are combining all these devices when they visit your online property.
Out of the box, Google Analytics allows you to identify unique users across browsing sessions, but it cannot identify unique users across different browsers or devices.
GA new User ID features allows you to assign a unique ID to these visits.  It allows you to more accurately identify a user across all the devices they use to access your site. From a visitors who might start off researching a product and services on Mobile/Tablet, checking reviews, making decisions and finally making the purchase from your website using the desktop computer.
This unique ID cannot have any PII (personally identifiable information), like an email/SSN/phone number. This User ID also allows you to go back 90 days of data on user activities.
The best way to implement GA new user ID feature is to have an authorization system like a login. If you are selling online, having a login allows you to give your prospect a place to save their favourite products they find on your website. This allows them to return your site, share with friends and family and continue where they stop whether is on a mobile/tablet or desktop computer. 
Google Analytics User ID features allows you to track the same visitors across different devices including desktop.  Setting Google Analytics user ID feature can be challenging. I am here to help. Just drop me a note.