I help growing SME put together data from website, advertising, social media, CRM, payment system into a single platform and then use Machine Learning to get actionable insights.

Customers interact with your brand at various “touch point” – from website content read, ads clicked, social sharing – across all screens. Data on all these different interactions lives in different tools, systems and vendors.

Business owner have to bring all of these data together in one place.

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Integrating data from different tools usually presents many challenges. Different applications will use different styles of record-keeping, different conventions, different time periods, different degrees of data aggregation, and different primary keys, and will have different kinds of error.

The data must be assembled, integrated, and cleaned up. The fragmented information that an organization uses to support day-to-day operations can have immense value when brought together.

The result of an integrated data is a very useful precursor to Machine Learning, and if it is not available, many of the steps involved will have to be undertaken to prepare the data for mining.

By analyzing data about visitors’ past purchases, clicks, preferences, and propensity to respond to certain offers, business owner can begin to use these insights to create specific customer segments.